Half-elf bard


The party met Nairod on the side of the road back in Oerth. He disapeared shortly before they were spririted away to the Domain of Dread. For a while, they seemed to be following him, merely a few days behind, only to lose the trail in Darkon.

Termara found Nairod again in Krezk, Barovia in a hospice, with a number of injuries and his mind broken. She managed to heal him, yet he still seemed marked by his experiences and has repeatedly tried to steer the party away from Borca and especially Levkarest. When unable to do so, he accompanied them, yet seemed incredibly nervous and fearful the entire time.

A woman named Marie followed the party one night, but was cornered and surrendered. She claimed to be pregnant and hinted at being involved with Nairod and that he was the father. Nairod was unable to confirm or deny what she said, but clearly felt extreme animosity towards her and moved to attack even after she had surrendered but was stopped.

One evening, while Nairod was keeping watch over her, the party returned to find Marie brutally murdered and Nairod nowhere to be found. Innsmen told stories of some kind of monster with an inhuman face and blazing red eyes. Twinbear followed tracks outside the inn that skidded to a halt and ended abruptly.



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